Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Getting to know you...

Since my blog is pretty new, I saw this quiz on another blog and thought it would be a good way to fill people in a little about what makes me tick. Feel free to cut & paste yourselves...

1. Craziest place you ever had sex? Outdoors in a biblically epic lightning storm
2. Ever pass out from drugging/drinking? Yes. Although I still claim that losing conciousness at 4 a.m. can still technically be classified as 'falling asleep'...
3. What have you done you could have been arrested for? sex in public, shoplifting (on a dare as a teen), trespassing, disturbing the peace (see: sex in public)
4. Ever cheated in school? Yeah, but usually I was the one helping a girl that I was into cheat.
5. Ever dated a goth or a vamp? Goth
6. Ever keep secret from your friends someone you were dating? Yeah.
7. Most unusual place you ever slept? This was during a summer internship in law school:
Woke up at 6:30 a.m. on a bench at a train station 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia (had passed out on the train on my way home earlier that night and the conductor must have dumped me out at the last stop on that route). Was due in court at 9 o'clock and still had to:

a)catch a train back heading back into the city to the station near my house
b)shower, change, and get another train into center city
c)track down my friend's car (that I had hitched a ride in to the bar the night before) in South Philly with that day's court files in it
d)take the subway back to the courthouse
e)be prepared to try the 25 cases on the list that morning.

epilogue...I burst into the courtroom at 8:55 right before the judge took the bench (extremely hungover), and somehow managed to avoid getting all of my cases thrown out of court.

8. Favorite sexual position? standing up, with my arms hooked under her legs and her arms around my neck.
9. Cum before? Cum with or cum after your partner? with or after.
10. You have a tattoo or any other distinguishing features? birthmark--you'll have to get to know me in person to find out where...
11. Ever dated someone you met online? yeah, Match, craigslist, chat rooms...
12. Ever fell in love with someone you met online? once
13. Ever had sex with the same sex? no
14. Had a threesome? yes--MFF
15. Ever cheated on a spouse or lover? yeah.
16. Are you a geek, dork or a nerd? Well, I'm typing this on a computer, so I guess geek is the closest fit...
17. What is the biggest risk you have taken in your life? Climbed into a burning bus to carry out some senior citizens on a casino junket who had crashed on their way to Atlantic City. The bus driver and the driver of the other car had been killed.
18. What do you smell right now? what The Rock is cooking (actually, I don't even know what the hell that is supposed to mean...)
19. Last song you listened to? Panama, by Van Halen- on the radio on the way to work this morning
20. Last show you watched on TV? Lost
21. Last movie you saw in the theater? The 40 Year-Old Virgin
22. Favorite reality show? The Amazing Race
23. What was the last thing you felt guilty about? having to end things last month with a f*ckbuddy who had unrealistic expectations about the relationship
24. Have you ever had phone sex? yes
25. Ever had virtual sex? yes, and I've been banned from Dave & Buster's arcade for life...
26. Have any sexual regrets? a couple of opportunities that I didn't pick up the signals on at the time
27. What is your most recent sexual fantasy? becoming a member of the mile-high club
28. Last time you masturbated? yesterday
29. Can you lick your own nipples? not without dislocating my neck...
30. Would you ever date the person who sent you this quiz? Well, I copied and pasted from her blog, but yeah, she seems like a fiesty redhead with a healthy attitude towards sex.