Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two quickies...

I'm trying to cut down on my online blogging during the day at work, so I thought I would start by posting something that didn't require too much time on my part. I found these two quizzes on, after seeing them on ladylongfellow's site.

Of course, they have endless quizzes and polls at blogthings, so it was hard to just pick two and not spend all day there. Willpower is a struggle sometimes, and I've found that when the topic turns to sex, I usually have a hard time saying 'no'....

Your Seduction Style: Au Natural
You rank up there with your seduction skills, though you might not know it.That's because you're a natural at seduction. You don't realize your power!The root of your natural seduction power: your innocence and optimism.
You're the type of person who happily plays around and creates a unique little world.Little do you know that your personal paradise is so appealing that it sucks people in.You find joy in everything - so is it any surprise that people find joy in you?
You bring back the inner child in everyone you meet with your sincere and spontaneous ways.Your childlike (but not childish) behavior also inspires others to care for you.As a result, those who you befriend and date tend to be incredibly loyal to you.

What Kind of Seducer Are You?


You're an Expert Kisser

You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantityYou've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks offAnd you're adaptable, giving each partner what they craveWhen it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable
What Kind of Kisser Are You?