Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Like a virgin (part 2)

I drove around Brigantine looking for a quiet spot, and finally parked in a secluded parking lot at the far north end of the island. I suppose I was hoping against hope at this point, but still not sure how far Jackie wanted to take things. I turned the engine off but left the radio on, and within minutes we were kissing. She seemed just as into it as I was, if not more, so after awhile my hands began their normal wandering, stopping first at her chest, and meeting no hesitation, eventually moving further south. After several more minutes of mutual fumbling with buttons and zippers with a stick shift and middle console between us, Jackie suggested that we move to the back seat. It dawned on me that I had finally received the signal waving me in from third base that I had been waiting for all of those years.

We moved to the rear of my two-door Ford Tempo, and after she slid over into the corner of the backseat, the rest of our clothes were off within seconds. I knelt before her in the wheelwell, and I still remember my exact thought at that moment: "This is actually going to happen." I also became distinctly aware of a song that began to play on the radio, "Hell is for Children" by Pat Benetar. Having been raised in a strict Catholic upbringing to that point, I had a momentary thought that this might be some ham-handed sign from above to pause and stop things before committing a mortal sin. But as twenty years of pent-up desire were about to be unleashed with this beautiful, naked girl before me, a choir of angels could have appeared overhead singing "Ave Maria" and I still would have gone for it.

Any other concious thought totally left my mind from that point, as I moved closer and positioned myself just above her. Jackie reached down and guided me the rest of the way, and I was overcome by the warm sensation that surrounded me. My body began to act on its own as we moved together, and Jackie closed her eyes and kept saying my name over and over. While male pride might tempt me to embellish the story at this point, I'm sure that things reached their climax for me shortly after the song reached its final refrain. (For the record, the playing time is listed at 4:55.) We both sat back, flushed and breathing heavily, and after a while made nervous jokes about being sure that we weren't related and wondering what her uncle and my dad might say if they saw us right then. While my youthful exuberance had resulted in an abrupt finish to our first time together, on a positive note it also allowed for me to be ready to go again in about fifteen minutes. We picked up again where we left off, and this time things lasted for several songs.

I drove Jackie back to her apartment, and we shared a knowing smile the next morning as everyone said their goodbyes before making the journey back to their homes. I remained in Pennsylvania while she lived in Florida, and we kept in touch briefly over the phone and through letters but soon lost touch. After finally experiencing sex after so many years of anticipation, I soon began to make up for lost time, with my confidence growing with each new partner. Looking back on it now, that first time will always have its own unique spot in my memory, and I could not have been more lucky to have shared it with someone like Jackie, who made the experience completely natural and exhilarating.

About 10 years later, Jackie got back in touch to let me know that she would be in New Jersey to visit another family member that was living there temporarily. I picked her up at her relative's house and took her out to a restaurant in Philadelphia. There was a bit of nervous small talk as we first began to catch up on our lives up to that point, and it just so happened that neither of us was in a relationship at the moment. Dinner lasted for several hours, and then I suggested that we go out dancing at a nearby club. Now I was the one leading her onto the dance floor, and fortuntately I had developed a couple of new moves over the years to add to my routine. There was that same energy between us as we began to slow dance, and eventually we wound up going back to my house. Even though we hadn't seen in other in ten years, there was a familiarity there as we started to kiss, and then later headed up to the bedroom. I have no idea what song was playing in the background as we moved towards the bed, but this time the two of us soon found a rythym of our own.