Monday, June 26, 2006

Philadelphia freedom

I didn’t have time to upload a song for Musical Monday today, but if I did, ‘Philadelphia Freedom’ would have been my pick for this week.

On Saturday morning I dropped Brendan off at summer camp. It’s a four-week overnight program, so for the next month I will have the luxury of unstructured time every single day. I plan to take full advantage of it—staying downtown after work to see more of the city at night, trying new restaurants in the area, heading up to NY for an improv show, and just leaving myself open to whatever else the day might bring.

I also want to get away somewhere for a few days. I don’t have any particular destination in mind—right now my idea is to play Travelocity roulette and keep my options open. My plan is just to head off to whichever place sounds the most intriguing with the best deal at the moment. I'll keep an overnight suitcase packed and ready to go--anything I forgot to throw in will be picked up when I eventually arrive at wherever it is that I’m going.

I figure the important thing is just getting there in the first place.